Saturday, January 14, 2006


As I was planning my commute to work, checking the webcams, trying to decide on I-395 vs Van Dorn St vs Telegraph Road, I thought to myself, "I am really happy that the Virginia House of Delegates is tackling the really important issues like banning gay marriage and banning fertility treatments for single women." Yes, Virginians will get to decide in the fall to
clarify that Virginia is not compelled to recognize same-sex marriages or civil arrangements permitted in other states.
Didn't Virginia have a case like this that went the to Supreme Court and the law was struck down? Yes it did, it was Loving v. Virginia. But for some reason our representatives in Richmond believe gay marriage is different than inter-racial marriage or maybe not, they just haven't figured out a way of banning inter-racial marriage. But how is this law different than the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 which said that interracial marriages from out of the commonwealth were invalid and completely banned sex between blacks and whites? I'm sure the legislators who passed that law thought that they were preserving the state of marriage.

So in the meantime, I sit in traffic and worry that my son is getting a good education while the House of Delegates and the Senate tackle this pressing issue of gay marriage and try to deny reproductive health care to unmarried women.


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