Friday, January 06, 2006

The Book of Daniel

I watched The Book of Daniel tonight. I originally wasn't going to watch it. I figured it was part of that "trend" catering to the fundagelicals. That was before the American Family Association decided to be offended by something they didn't see. I guess they missed that part of the Bible that said "Judge not, lest ye be judged". The pressure worked, two NBC affliates refused to air the show. Cowards!

So, in the spirit of doing anything I possibly can to annoy the religious right. I decided to watch the show. My brief review: The Book of Daniel is an o.k. show about an Episcopalian priest who talks to Jesus and has a dysfunctional family. The priest's kids are a homosexual, a drug dealer and the one who sneaks out to have sex with the neighbor's daughter. BTW, the kids are teenagers or young adults. I guess they don't have P.K.s in AFA world. I guess clergy aren't humans in AFA world either, I don't think clergywomen exist in AFA world at all. AFA world must be a dystopia where women, children and minorities know their place and sin doesn't exist. And if it does, you don't want to find out what happens in AFA world to sinners. Dang, the AFA is 0-2 on following the words of Jesus. I do not want to live in AFA world. So what happens to the Wildmons and the Dobsons of the world if they find out heaven is one huge orgy?

But anyhow, The Book of Daniel is basically a prime time soap opera that revolves around a clergyman and his family without the wit of Desperate Housewives or the campiness of Dynasty.
And do you want to know what is really offensive to the AFA? The priest is a liberal!

BTW, here's a blog dedicated to The Book of Daniel.


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