Friday, January 06, 2006

A day late and a dollar short

Why didn't Bush do this before he invaded Iraq? Almost three years and 2100+ dead American soldiers and God knows how many dead Iraqi civilians, George W. Bush seeks the advice of previous Secretaries of State and Defense. The ground rules were set as to not be a debate about whether the invastion was a good idea (I think we can agree it wasn't). But what to do now. Well, Mr. Bush that's a fine mess you've gotten us into. Gee, imagine if Bush lite had consulted with Robert McNamara on what not to do, maybe Iraq wouldn't be the mess that it is now. But what happens when you have an intellectual midget in the White House who ignores the lessons of history and only listens to people like David Addington? Gee when your advisors and the veep's advisors say the prez has unlimited powers during a time of war, I guess it is o.k. to wiretap US persons without a warrant, to torture suspected terrorists and let other people's children die for their country. Just click on the link about David Addington and find out what an anti-democratic piece of work he is.


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