Friday, December 30, 2005

Story plusvisit on Big Brother of untrue words by Outer Party new unperson

This is purely an ironic satire on "W's" ILLEGAL wiretapping. This satire is presented in the form of an Orwellian newsflash in Newspeak. "IF HE SPEAKS, IMPEACH!"

I am authorized to plusvisit dayminus 1 report on untrue reports about Big Brother's First Four Year Thoughtcrime Reduction Plan.

First, I pluslike to thank Crooks and Liars for the videos and story on Outer Party new unperson (Boxer (CA-D)) collaborator (Dean).

Exhibit one: Evidence of Outer Party unperson allegations of ungood BB order issue for monitoring of Citizens of "Oceania" for evidence of collusion with Eurasian spies under the direction of Goldstein. Source references: Crooks and Liars (Barbara Boxer on King George) (Original Source: Countdown, MSNBC, 20 12 05)

Exhibit Two: Untrue speak with unperson for thoughtcrime think that BB's order issue was ungood. Source references: Crooks and Liars (John Dean on Olbermann) (Original Source: Countdown, MSNBC, 27 12 05)

Inner Party good thought per Leader of MINITRUE: BB order plusgood. Citizens of "Oceania" are safe from thoughtcrime and ungood influence of Goldstein by doubleplusgood thought of BB to issue good order. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.


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