Saturday, December 24, 2005

The American Dream Lives!

Have you seen those carts in the mall that sell unusual and exotic item? I have. The Washington Post has an article about the immigrants who set up the kiosks in the mall. They work 12 hour days, six days a week to get their businesses up and going. These are people who work hard and believe in the free enterprise system. They are the ones who stand up to the Wal-Marts and say "you will not crush us and exclude us from the system" (O.K. I made the last sentence up, it wasn't in the article, but it's my blog and my opinion.) It's a good thing the Minutemen aren't harassing them and blaming them for taking American jobs away from Americans. That's because these immigrants are creating American jobs, granted they hire family members but they are creating jobs. But the Minutemen are too busy blaming others for their shortcomings to open up a kiosk of their own. Even if the immigrant entrepreneurs are not Christians, they have no desire to see Christmas destroyed. Are you kidding? That's the bread and butter of their business.


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