Wednesday, December 28, 2005

phinky's Best and Worst of 2005

The Best
1. America finally saw what an incompentent fraud George W. Bush is.
2. The free enterprise system lives at the mall.
3. Tim Kaine is elected governor of Virginia. The blue bubbles of NoVA, Tidewater and Richmond grow bigger.
4. The Dover County School Board is voted out of office. Their plans to include "Intelligent Design" in high school biology class is thrown out of court. I'm waiting for the federal judge who was a Bush II apointee to be smeared as an activist judge.
5. Butterstick aka Tai Shan

The Bad News
1. George W. Bush was revealed to be an incompetent fraud a year too late.
2. Hurricane Katrina and the incompetent response to it.
3. The FBI dedicates 8 agents to crackdown on pornography. Apparently, the war on terror has been won.
4. Terrorists have their way in South Dakota, Mississippi, and 87 percent of the United States's counties in order to limit access to abortion and other family planning methods.
5.The Minutemen showed their ugly bigoted faces in Northern Virginia.

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