Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Terrorists have won in South Dakota

Abortion has become safe, legal and rare in South Dakota. But not because of better access to birth control, it's because of Christian terrorists issuing Fatwas of Death against doctors who perform abortions.
The last doctor in South Dakota to perform abortions stopped about eight years ago; the consensus in the medical community is that offering the procedure is not worth the stigma of being branded a baby killer.snip....many doctors in South Dakota who say they have no personal objection to performing abortions but cannot risk their careers and community standing by offering the procedure.

Avoiding stigma is a nice way of saying the doctors don't want the death threats, the wanted dead or alive posters, the picketing of their practices and homes, pipe bombs in their offices, getting shot at. All are techniques used by Operation Rescue and other anti-abortion terrorist groups.

These terrorist groups have also used a legislative approach including putting a "trigger" law into place that automatically outlaws abortion when Roe v. Wade is overturned. Because of terrorism, there is only one abortion clinic in South Dakota. And some women make a 700 mile round trip in one day in order to avoid paying for a hotel room. I guess that's not an undue burden on women who are in desperate circumstances. Of course not, as long as the terrorists have their way.

And which political party panders to these terrorists? It's the Republicans. HMMM, how's that hunt for Osama bin Ladin going?

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