Monday, December 26, 2005

An After Action Review of War on Christmas 2005

Some people get offended by telling them Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings instead of Merry Christmas at this time of the year. I have a proposal, if you meet a person like that, tell them MERRY fucking CHRISTMAS!! in as loud a voice as possible. I mean they couldn't find mixing in the "F" word with Merry Christmas offensive wouldn't they? Merry Christmas is the only acceptable thing to say at this time of the year. After all it is politically correct to say Merry Christmas to everyone in between Thanksgiving and New Year's, why not give it some oompf with the "F" word? This is what we must do in order to keep Christmas sacred and we must protect it from Muslims in Senegal who want to share in the fun. And those Buddhists in Japan need to stop celebrating it as well.
I guess Bill O'Reilly and John Gibson need to recruit these guys who volunteered to protect Christians in Indonesia from terrorist attacks in next year's war on Christmas. Onward moderate Muslim diversity minded volunteers, fighting to save Christmas from whatever.

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