Monday, December 26, 2005

The Museums Fight Back

Science museums are training their docents to correct misinformation about evolution. Good, because
"This is not a defensive reaction or an attempt to change anyone's mind," Allmon said. "It's just that we find most people are uninformed about evolution or have been given misinformation."
Because conservatives like to keep people stupid. Science, schmience, as long as they keep voting for us. Hey a good well rounded education doesn't matter. A doctor doesn't need to understand why antibiotic resistant bacteria pop up or how new strains of viruses evolve.
The creationist and intelligent design advocates aren't letting this go without a fight. Cue the wingnut whining,
"only one side of the science is presented. No other possibilities are allowed to compete."
Ummm, that's because they are science museums, get your own damn intelligent design/creationism (whatever you are calling it today) museums. Oh that's right you already have. And it appears that only 38,000 visited between 2001 to 2004, Disney gets that many in a day. So much for Hollywood being out of touch with America.
Even though these wingnuts are out of the mainstream. The director of the creationism theme park passes out anti-government literature linked to "patriot" movements. Yes, the same "patriot" movement that Tim McVeigh got involved in. They have mounted a propaganda campaign to de-educate America and keep us ignorant. That's right, the conservatives want you to be stupid and superstitious in order to pull the wool over your eyes. Don't you get it? Conservatism is a big con job.


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