Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Poor Moi

Poor Moi slimchyck@yahoo.com, it must be difficult being a conservative who lives in blue Poughkeepsie, New York.
why do you care? are you a South Dakotan in need of an abortion? if the ppl of SD really wanted more abortionists, wouldn't they rise up against the "right" to get them? sound to me like South Dakotans could care less, so why do we?

and why not the outcry over Mississippi's void of abortionists? oh, i forgot, planned parenthood+liberal media want us coloreds to think they love us. coming out and fighting for more abortions for poor rural black women is not a good look. kinda rings of genocide.
So moi, if you live in New York, why do you care about Mississippi's lack of abortion providers. And I just love being accused of racism. I must have gotten slimchyck@yahoo.com's dander up. Maybe moi doesn't like being lumped in with a bunch of terrorists like the Army of God. Maybe moi should move his or her "black ass" to South Dakota or Mississippi. It sounds like moi would be so much happier in a red state. Of course they expect non-white people to know their "place" there.

feliz navidad.

did you know that the majority of americans celebrate xmas?

wouldn't you and your hug-the-world buddies be bending over backwards with the shaloms and assalaamaleikums and all that if you were in another country?

why not bend over backwards to respect and be a part of the traditions of this country?

would you like to secede? sounds like your america would be better than ours. you should try it out.
moi | 12.27.05 - 11:38 am
This is coming from someone who lives in NEW YORK!!!! Yes, I know the majority of Americans celebrate Christmas, I celebrate it myself. It's not that hard to not celebrate Christmas. I was trying to illustrate how stupid the war on Christmas was. So Merry Fucking Christmas to you moi.

why are white people in a tizzy about the feds spying on arabs and the like? get over it. in case you didn't know, the feds have been watching and listening to whomever they want when and wherever they want ever since they've been able to. black people know this. that is why we are sitting back and laughing at you. scaredy-cats one and all.
O.K. So I guess moi doesn't mind the government just taking a peek at his e-mail or wiretapping his phones just because they think you might be a suspect. I would think as a get the government off our backs conservative, that moi would be concerned about it. OH I get it, moi wants the government off his back. Government poking into individual medical records, phone calls, and e-mails is for everyone else.

Oh and he's definitely uneducated. It's called grammar, you might want to look into it.


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