Thursday, December 29, 2005

To quote the immortal bard...

Remember the mottoes of INGSOC:
(George Orwell, 1984)

It's been almost 6o years since these words were penned, forecasting the future of "Oceania", dominated by a totalitarian/communist regime. The state of INGSOC is GOOD for at least 6 more months. Thanks to some members of the OUTER PARTY and DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD rallies by the PROLETARIAT, the INNER PARTY had to make some UNGOOD incentives to keep INGSOC in the GOOD state. BB is UNGOOD pleased.

I am authorized to announce that BB himself spoke to the party members about the DOUBLEPLUSGOOD STATE OF THE FIRST FOUR YEAR THOUGHTCRIME REDUCTION PLAN.

In other news, I am authorized to announce that DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD proclamations against BB were made by an UNPERSON from the OUTER PARTY, spreading DOUBLESPEAK of BB himself being an agent of GOLDSTEIN. It was said that BB, through MINITRUE, issued DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD orders to monitor THOUGHTCRIME activity on the citizens of OCEANIA, and for sending our brave men into the Kabul and Baghdad fronts of EAST ASIA, with whom Oceania has always been at peace. (BB order to MINIREC: Washington Times, 10 1 05, Page 1, headline and lead story malquoted, all refs to EAST ASIA DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD, all refs should read EURASIA, rectify.)

I am authorized to announce that BB has ordered the first Four Year Plan to PLUSGOOD increase medicine rations for ALL older OCEANIANS by 10%,thus increasing the life expectancy and decreasing cases of PLUS AGED conditions. I am authorized to announce that with the dramatic PLUSGOOD funds held by MINIPLENTY, BB himself has ordered that the Four Year Plan be extended to the proles. I am also authorized to announce that funding for this new plan by MINIPLENTY will make a DOUBLEPLUSGOOD reduction in medicine costs, increase medicine rations to our brave men on the EURASIAN front, and PLUSGOOD increase chocolate and coffee rations to the Brothers and Sisters of the OUTER PARTY by 20g per week.

I am authorized to announce that the current GOOD SPENDING PLAN'S savings forecast is PLUSGOOD, and will aid our men on the front lines with the DOUBLEPLUSGOOD equipment and munitions that MINIPEACE can provide; drastically decreasing the UNGOOD work for MINIPEACE, MINITRUE, and MINILOVE workers in VICTORY CITY just outside the MINIPEACE headquarters.

The INNER PARTY’S HIGH COMMITTEE has announced that the INNER PARTY’S top policy leader to BB’s successor has performed a DOUBLEPLUSGOOD act of patriotism for OCEANIA by publicly denouncing one of Goldstein’s spies, who had infiltrated MINITRUE and committed covert acts of sabotage. The HIGH COMMITTEE is debriefing this patriot in room 101 and reassigning him to an office in MINILOVE for his own protection from other unnamed agents of Goldstein.

BB and the leader of MINIPLENTY UNGOOD WEATHER Bureau have announced that PLUSGOOD progress from the several DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD storms is continuing in coastal areas of South Central OCEANIA. The proles are shouting joyous praises in honor of BB and the PLUSGOOD work of MINIPLENTY.

In other news, a PLUSGOOD judiciary of the MINILOVE'S EAST CENTRAL sub-court has been quoted, saying that OCEANIA's children are to be taught science on the basis of the GOOD TRUTH program BB has requested for party indoctrination training.


B U L L F U C K I N G S H I T, B B !!!


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