Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Something terrible is going to happen

Zawahiri and bin Ladin have been very talkative lately. There is a pattern where one of the two issues a communique and within three months, a terrorist attack happens in a large western city. It happened with the London and Madrid bombings. In both attacks, statements were made and attacks targeting the mass transit systems of capital cities in western countries. Stratfor's analysis says that Houston is the target. I don't know about that. Remember the pattern:
1. Statement is made by Zawahiri or bin Ladin
2. Mass transit system in a capital city gets hit by multiple suicide bombers

The Pentagon was a target on 9/11, it is also a major transportation hub for the mass transit system of the capital city of the United States. I've also noticed that the terror alert system has not been raised since November 2004. Maybe there's nothing to worry about, after all we know President Bush has our best interests at heart, he knows what he is doing, right? He's going to provide resolute leadership and stop the terrorists before they attack isn't he? I wouldn't ride the DC Metro in the meantime.


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