Monday, February 20, 2006

Catholic Theocracy in America

Here is why I don't buy pizza from Domino's. The founder wants to impose his religious beliefs on people who move to a town he is developing. One of the laws of the town is pharmacies must commit to not stocking contraceptives. Ummm...Didn't Griswold v Connecticut say that was unconstitutional? Clinics and doctors who set up practices in the town may not be able to prescribe contraceptives, they definitely won't do it for students. Again, Griswold v Connecticut is in violation here. I understand this is a "private" community, yet according to the Florida ACLU, a 1946 Supreme Court decision says "ownership of a town doesn't mean absolute dominion".
Yet people are interested in buying homes there. Why?
7,000 inquiries from people interested in buying homes, which will go for less than the half-million median price in nearby Naples

Affordable housing at the cost of religious and reproductive freedom. What a trade-off.

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