Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nothing wrong here, move along

I don't understand how the Republicans get a pass for supporting our troops. Something is terribly wrong. Army officers are leaving and are being stop-lossed as well as the enlisted troops. This story was buried on page A12 in the Post.
By 2007, the Army projects it will be short 3,500 active-duty officers, primarily captains and majors -- positions that are needed for new combat brigades and other units that are critical to plans for expanding and reorganizing the nation's ground forces. One factor in the shortfall is that the Army took in too few officers in the 1990s, personnel officials say.
Can you believe it, anonymous personnel officials are blaming Clinton for the mess. Newsflash: Bill Clinton has been out of office for five years now. You've had five years to commission Second Lieutenants and fix the problem. Maybe enrollment in ROTC is dropping. Maybe a college graduate would rather work at Wal-Mart. Gee, I don't know, maybe it's sending our soldiers to a war without anticipating the consequences might have something to do with it. Not training up for guerrilla warfare? Send them to war without the proper equipment? That doesn't affect morale. [snark]These soldiers are a bunch of pussies who need to suck it up and drive on. [/snark]
Yet the Republicans and conservatives are the only ones allowed to love our troops. Actually, they think they own the troops. No one else is allowed to question the wise use of them, because they are the property or the right wing. Our soldiers are not allowed to have lives of their own because they belong to the right wing.

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