Thursday, February 02, 2006

Let's give the religious right a wedgie

Democrats have problems using wedge issues. Our core beliefs like civil rights for all and a social safety net have been used against us. Liberals have been demonized as being against the family. Yet the Republican party panders to a bunch of religious extremists. Former Senator John Danforth sees that the religious right has the potential to become a wedge issue. It can alienate moderate Republicans from the "base", the Fundagelicals that are against gay marriage. How's that amendment to the constitution to protect marriage from gay couples going? Gee, I haven't heard anything about that since October 2004. Congress hasn't taken action since July of 2004. And look at Senator Allen's voting record on children's and family issues. He votes with the bigoted American Family Association 100% of the time. Senator Allen votes for the John Birch Society 80% of the time, 100% for the Christian Coalition. And Senator Allen has a shitty voting record when it comes to veterans too. Why does George Allen hate America? I hope Harris Miller is paying attention, and isn't afraid to bring out the attack dogs.

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