Wednesday, February 08, 2006

There's always someone crazier

I never thought I would read about someone who is batshit, crazier and more hypocritical about immigration than Michelle Malkin. Then I read this WaPo article about Minuteman recruiter Carmen Mercer. This woman has appointed herself to be an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. She patrols the Arizona-Mexico border, she asks nosy questions to "foreigners"
When Mercer last visited Washington in May, she said, she and another Minuteman asked the drivers of all the cabs they took whether they were citizens. If they said they were not, Mercer and her colleague asked for their green cards. Mercer said they wanted to prove a point and did not report anyone to immigration authorities.
Who does this woman think she is?
Mercer moved to Tombstone in 1992 after a divorce from a soldier ended the migration from base to base snip
They'd met when he was stationed in Germany, where Mercer was born and raised in a small town near Cologne.

And it gets better....
She might never have become a U.S. citizen had she not been kicked off a local planning and zoning committee in Arizona when it was discovered she was not. In 1999, almost a quarter-century after coming to the United States, she was naturalized.

Yep, she waited 25 years to become a citizen of the United States, she is an immigrant who wants to stop immigration to the United States. Geez, someone becomes a citizen and she thinks she has the automatic right to enforce her adopted country's immigration laws. I'm glad she proscrastinated on that citizenship thing. She spared US 25 years of lecturing us (in a German accent) about immigration.
Hmmm, I think someone needs to take her lily white ass back to Germany so she go harass some "Mooslims". Oh I forgot, saying "seig heil" is illegal in Germany.

BTW, blogger's spellchecker corrects Malkin as malign.


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