Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Liveblogging

First of all we have a split household. I'm rooting for the Seahawks, NoPT4Lent is rooting for the Steelers (well, he is from Pittsburgh)

6:34 PM Burger King commercial with singing, dancing women dressed as the componets of a whopper absolutely sucked!

UPDATE: I detect a bias against the Seahawks on the part of the announcers.

6:40 Sierra Mist and Bud Light ads FUNNY. Trailer for 16 Blocks should not be heard on home surround sound system. Overwhelming.

6:47 FedEx commercial appeases creationists.
Oh that's smart, get a bear drunk!
Sam!! Cats don't hang out at DailyKos!

6:51 AppleMac commercial redux. Actually, it's V for Vendetta trailer.
I hate Pepsi. Does P.Diddy do anything other than make Pepsi commercials for the SuperBowl? Natalee Holloway whoring. PSA already annoints Steelers the winners. BIAS!

6:55 SEATTLE TOUCHDOWN?!?!? FLAG on the play. Damn, recalled.

Alleve proof that geeks age. Leonard Nimoy at Star Trek convention doing Live and Prosper gesture.
Honey do list as excuse to drink

7:04 Insider jokes about product placement with diet Pepsi. Diet Coke is stunt double.
Pixar's Cars movie trailer. Not playing until June 9, great 4+ months of "Can we see Cars?"...."Is Cars out yet?"....."When can we see "Cars?" from BooBoo.

7:11 Did Al Roberts just call Seattle Philadelphia?
Finally, Clydesdales!! with sheep and cowboys....Brokeback Mountain joke?
Mobile ESPN: now people will stare a cell phones instead of being engaged in one way conversations on them.

7:17 I didn't know the President could appear in commercials (Careerbuilder)
What's with the fashion show? Oh it's a commercial for an overpriced Chevy.

7:20 Seattle picks off Pittsburgh, by an Florida State alum no less.
Mission Impossible whatever, I will never see another Tom Cruise movie
Dove's self esteem fund, what's with the Chick flick commercials?

7:26 Kermie!! In extreme sports. Fuel efficient SUVs
I don't care if it's a dark beer, it's still MIchelob. So I'm a beer snob, deal with it. I don't like Bud or Miller either. The only thing they have going for them is the commercials.

7:29 Damn, we missed the taping of the groin. I wanted to see that! It would have been worth a 1000 Super Bowl ads. A certain poster at Atrios asked if football players have to get Brazilians.

7:38 Are they remaking the Poseiden Adventure again? Didn't NBC just do a made for TV remake last year?
Gilette spent all that money to advertize a razor, with batteries?
Jocks and Desperate Housewives?

7:41 commercial BORING!

:( Touchdown Steelers

7:44 Did Disney World get a company discount on its ads on ABC?
What's with the commercials with current Steelers and the Vince Lombardi trophy? Bias

7:54 How can you miss a field goal in an indoor stadium?
Here come the Stones, never been a fan.

7:56 Two men engage in proxy penis competition with their cell phones.
AAHHHhhhh, the NFL wuvs us.
United Airlines does some sword and sorcery thing, Fly United and join the knights of the round conference table?

HALFTIME: Mick sounds extremely out of tune (and that's coming from someone who is tonedeaf) At least he's not lipsynching. Cool stage with the lips and tongue. I want to hear Sweet NeoCon. Please? I cannot believe I am begging Mick Jagger for something.

8:25 Another Disney World ad. DW must have an employee discount.
Finally a Seahawk with the Lombardi Trophy!!
Pittsburgh still leads 7-3 :(

8:32 Pittsburgh scores a touchdown :( I'm quitting liveblogging.

10:15 Pittsburgh wins
Pittsburgh 21
Seattle 10
At least I can take comfort in the fact that one of my favorite shows (Grey's Anatomy) is set in Seattle. So take that Pittsburgh!!!

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