Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dear Washington Post editor

I noticed that your social conservative blogger resigned amid allegations of plagiarism. Why did you hire him? Were you trying to attract a specific reader? Were you trying to get the readership of the extremist, unprofitable, cult connected, Washington Times? Or do you want to be the DC Examiner? A free newspaper that no one wants?

Are you doing it to satisfy whiners like Brent Bozell? Or are you kissing up to Karl Rove? NEWSFLASH: PRESIDENT BUSH IS NOT A POPULAR PRESIDENT!!! Jim Brady needs to read his own newspaper. The Washington Post needs to do its job. Remember Watergate? Back in the good old days when newspapers actually spoke truth to power? We have a president who is the worst.president.ever and you do not your job to point that out to the American people. So stop being a stenographer for Scott McClellan, and go out and do some actual investigative reporting. Maybe if you stopped kissing up to the idiot in the White House and the religious extremists that support him, your circulation would improve.

Why would you want to emulate newspapers that do not have a proven business model? If I wanted to read bigoted opinions from a copy cat, I would read the Washington Times, or go to World Nut Daily, or NewsMax. I do not think a respected newspaper that I link to should have such narrow minded people on its blogs. I read the Washington Post for well thought out, insightful articles. Leave the ad hominem attacks to the bloggers, that's what we're good for.


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