Sunday, March 19, 2006

They said what?

Yes, even though it is perceived that the Democrats have no agenda, the Republicans are even worse. See the Republicans don't want you to see their real agenda, which is
an agenda based on four "silos": national security, retirement security, economic security and energy.

Let's see how that's working out.
National Security: well there's that bad flashback from the 1960's that we're having right now. I've been hearing some saber rattling against Iran, and Tehran is laughing at us right now, saying "you and what army are going to make me give up my nukes?"
Retirement security: privatizing social security went over like a lead balloon. Oh, it's repealing the estate tax, so how does that help a retiree be secure since it's paid after a person is dead. Repealing the estate tax is a welfare program for rich kids, not retirees.
Economic security: Are you better off today than you were in 2000? I didn't think so. How long has it taken the stock market to recover since the dot-com bust? Has it ever recovered?
Energy: the price of gas has gone up how much? Well, I did appreciate that $1100 dividend my energy mutual fund paid into my 401K plan.

Well the four pillars were a bust. So what do you have Mr. Closetboy?
"If you are someone who favors small government," Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman said, "you're going to have a clear choice between someone who has cut taxes every year in office, who believes you ought to own your own health care . . . and who plans to cut the deficit over five years versus people who have consistently supported more spending, have opposed tax cuts and who oppose patients owning their own health care. The question is, who's on your side for reducing the size of government?"

Answer: not the Republicans, the last time we had a balanced budget and/or a surplus was when Clinton was in the White House and Clinton was....A DEMOCRAT!!! And 65% of Americans want Universal health coverage even if it means higher taxes. Damn, the Closetboy is out of touch with America.

Well, the GOP will have its old reliable wedge issues. It doesn't matter what Americans really want as long as marriage is saved from gays. Because marriage is a 5000 year old institution that hasn't changed at all from the days of Abraham. We know that Lynn Cheney and Laura Bush regularly pimp out their housekeepers to their husbands for sexual and procreative purposes. I wonder how much aWol paid Mr. Welch for Laura. Then there is that old fallback of abortion. How many GOP candidates are going to actually answer the question "What penalty should women who get an abortion pay?" They want to blame the doctor, but it takes a pregnant woman to terminate a pregnancy. Get ready to watch some duck and dodge.


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