Saturday, March 18, 2006

How corrupt can you get?

Hat tip to Watertiger.

Advance men for the President's visit to the hurricane ravaged Gulfcoast, posed at first as Fox News reporters then as Secret Service agents. I don't know about a government official posing as a journalist, but I do know that impersonating a federal law enforcement officer is a crime. But this isn't the first time a GOP operative impersonated a member of the Secret Service. Where do you think all those adoring crowds aWol draws comes from?

As far as the "victims" are concerned,
Akins said she does not mind that the men temporarily misled her about their identities.

"What could they do?" she said. "They couldn't walk up and tell us who they were, because then we would have been a lot more suspicious about the president coming."

"We didn't know" about Bush's visit "until about an hour before the president actually got there," she added. "I think they handled it great."

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the last of the drinkers of the bullshit-flavored kool-aid.

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