Saturday, March 11, 2006

Don't let the door hit you on your way to hell, and say hell-o to Franjo and Alija for me!

Slobodan Milosevic died peacefully in his sleep. In my opinion, that was a better death than he deserved. The victims of Srebinica and Vukovar weren't so lucky. Milosevic also murdered his own,
"What can I say," commented Vuk Draskovic, foreign minister of Serbia-Montenegro.

"Milosevic organized many many assassinations of people of my party, of people of my family. He ordered a few times assassination attempts against my life," he told wire services. "I can say it's a pity he didn't face justice in Belgrade."

Even thugs can have admirers,
Ivica Dacic, of Milosevic's Socialist Party, expressed a different view: "It's a big loss for Serbia and for the Socialist party. He was being systematically killed in the Hague and finally he died."

Milosevic's brother, Borislav Milosevic, said Slobodan "has a lot of supporters" among Serbs, "a lot of people who respect him. For them it will be a big blow," he told wire services. "I think that his memory will remain etched in history and everything he did for his country and for his people, resisting separatism and terrorism, and outside interference."

Hopefully, Milosevic's death will mean that the people of the former Yugoslavia will be able to put the recent past behind them and move on to a brighter and better future.

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