Thursday, March 09, 2006

I was wondering why I got that hit.

On 8th March 2006 13:36:48 I got a hit from the New York Times, I thought it was some rank and file employee. But via Atrios and Americablog I find out that a NYT reporter plans on doing a story about left wing bloggers in order to prove how crazy they are.

I was wondering why the NY Times was visiting my website. The funny thing, the referal didn't come from the Majority Report blog, but from this post at Parenthetical Remarks.

Mr. Nagourney,
If you are wondering why the left wing blogosphere is so angry, here are some reasons:
1. The overwhelming incompetence of George W. Bush, what kind of asshole goes to a birthday party, fundraisers, and gives a speech to the troops while an entire American city is destroyed?
2. We do not get any representation on any of the major news networks. With Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and Kate O'Beirne all willing to give W a blow job and no one to say Ewwww.... about it. (And would one of them please give W. a blow job so we can impeach him?) When was the last time Hardball had an all liberal or all Democrat panel on its show? or what about the Sunday morning talk shows?
3. Our political party (the Democrats) are afraid of their own shadow. The hammering they get from the MSM doesn't help. When Slate writes this nonsense
Dean has an unfortunate knack for making himself the issue, even when, as lately, he's trying to maintain a low profile. His injudicious comment about the GOP being the party of white Christians was followed by his statement that "the idea that we're going to win this war is an idea that unfortunately is just plain wrong." Such gaffes lead to endless debate about how Howard Dean is screwing up, rather than about how Bush is screwing up.
SINCE WHEN IS TELLING THE TRUTH A GAFFE? No, the MSM is redirecting the debate by taking dictation from the GOP. The MSM is afraid of the dreaded L word, that's liberal, not lesbian. Let me tell you something, it's nothing to be ashamed of.
4. The GOP is a bunch of whiny ass titty babies who can dish it out but can't take it. Remember the Swift Boat veterans? How many times did that band of chickenhawks smear veterans who questioned how the administration uses our military. But when Howard Dean says something not even very negative, the MSM goes into convulsions. Or when someone says that George W. Bush is imcompetent. Helloooo? At least 60% of Americans believe that he is. Why is the news media so out of touch with America? And with the GOP the truth really hurts. Don't be afraid to be an equal opportunity sadist. There's conservatism and there's imcompetence, and Americans are beginning to believe they are one and the same. Like I said, the truth hurts the GOP.


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