Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ignorance abounds

Via CPT Fogg's Human Voices, I see this story about Americans rejecting evolution in favor of the Biblical story of creation. After reading this, it is apparent that Americans are not only ignorant of science, but of the Bible as well. There are two versions of creation in the Bible. The two versions are different:
Conflicts between the creation stories: There are some apparent inconsistencies between the first and second creation accounts: There may be a conflict over the number of days over which creation happened. Genesis 1:3 and subsequent verses say that God created the universe in six days.
In Genesis 2:4, some translations, including the King James Version, imply that it took one day. More details:
- In the first account, God created fruit trees before Adam and Eve; in the second account, God created Adam, then the fruit trees, then Eve.
- In the first account, God created animals before Adam and Eve; in the second account, God created Adam. Then the animals, then Eve.
- Genesis 1:20 describes how God had "the waters bring forth ...fowl" ; in Genesis 2:19, God formed them "out of the ground".
- In the first account, God created the fish on the 5th day; in the second account, the fish of the sea were not created at all.

So if more than 50% of Americans believe that "God created man exactly how Bible describes it."? Which version do they believe?
I'd bet that majority of Americans don't realize that there are two versions of Noah's Flood and two versions of the Ten Commandments in the Bible as well. So much for being a Christian nation.


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