Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's all my fault!

According to George from Anchorage, Alaska getting a certain assistant DA fired is all my fault. That's funny because the article doesn't mention my blog. In fact, none of the articles related to Regan's firing mentioned my blog. The only lefty blog who linked to me was Orcinus. My blog on average only gets about 20 hits a day. I am not an Atrios or a Kos or even Orcinus. Lately this blog has been getting more hits because I keep getting referals from and and (Cut and paste please, I am not providing them a link)then I get from pimping my cats on open threads on Atrios's blog.
It's odd because I only got one hit from this story and that person (you know who I am talking about) ran to a couple of forums and put a link to my blog in it because I did a simple google search and put the results in my blog.
Because of the extra hits and links, I have evolved from a slimy mollosk to a crawly amphibian. Too bad I don't have google ads anymore, I would have finally broken $100 in ad revenue. And I wasn't the only blogger who published his name and work address. But then, I guess some people don't realize how out of touch their ideas are to American society. That may be why Hollywood doesn't make movies glorifying white "perservationists".

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