Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Four years, five months, 18 days and counting

Detail of Mark Lombardi's george w. bush, harken energy, and jackson stevens c.1979-90, 5th version, (detail)
More spin from the chimp. He says that
Terence Hunt of the Associated Press: "I'd like to ask you, Mr. President, there was a time when you talked about getting Osama bin Laden dead or alive. Why is he still on the loose five years later? And are you still confident that you'll get him?"

Bush: "I am confident he will be brought to justice. What's happening is, is that we got U.S. forces on the hunt for not only bin Laden, but anybody who plots and plans with bin Laden. . . .

O.K...I'd believe you if you hadn't pulled troops from Afghanistan in order to invade Iraq. Why couldn't that Iraq thing wait until after bin Ladin was captured? Or is the reason why it's taken four years, five months, 18 days and counting is Osama is a friend of the family?? And the Taliban is resurgent in Afghanistan. Why can't a president be impeached for incompetence? Please, someone needs to take one for the country and give him a blow job ASAP!!

Mark Lombardi was an artist who became known for turning link analysis charts into works of art. He created his charts from a database kept on notecards. He did his link analysis the old fashioned way. More information about Mark Lombardi and his art.

Update: I made a mistake and accused the chimp of pulling troops from Iraq to invade Iraq. I made the correction to pull troops out of Afghanistan to invade Iraq.


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