Saturday, February 25, 2006

Be careful what you wish for!

In the run up to the Iraq War, I heard pundits saying we need to impose democracy on the Middle East. And I remember asking, so what happens if they elect a group like Hamas to power? Algeria dealt with problem in 1998 by declaring the elections invalid. A bloody civil war happened. The Islamist GIA waged a vicious, guerrilla war that killed many civilians including a popular, Algerian musician. As a result, the GIA lost all the sympathy that allowed it to win the 1998 elections.
Now our entirely clueless foreign policy team has learned the meaning of the phrase be careful of what you wish for. But that's what happens when you put a Krelimnologist in charge of Middle Eastern policy. So now we have a pro-Iranian government in Iraq, Hamas is now in control of the Palestinian authority. So now democracy in the Middle East doesn't look like such a good idea after all. D'oh!

So what is the West going to do about Hamas winning the Palenstinian elections? They're going to impose sanctions on the Palestinian authority to punish the Palestinians for holding elections. Introducing to the Middle East another concept, Chicago style politics. You know, the vote for me or your garbage doesn't get picked up kind of politics. Which is ironic because Hamas ran on an anti-corruption, social welfare platform. Does this mean, the international community will impose sanctions on the US for re-electing George W. Bush?

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