Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wrong priorities

Don't our elected leaders have anything better to do? The Commonwealth's Attorney General objects to an EO that prohibits discrimination against gays employed by the Commonwealth. Now, in Virginia, the Attorney General is elected as well as the governor. AG Bob McDonnell is part of Pat Robertson crowd and barely won the election by 360 votes. His opponet, Creigh Deeds, was able to use McDonnell's Xtian Coalition connections as a wedge issue. I think more Democrats need to use Religious Right as a wedge to alienate the moderate Republicans, but that's another blog entry.

But don't think Tim Kaine is a go along to get along Democrat,
Kaine said he would ignore the six-page advisory opinion from Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell (R).

"I'm not going to tell my Cabinet secretaries and agency heads that they are now free to discriminate," he said.

So why is Bob McDonnell doing this? DelegateBob asked him to do it. Click on link for contact information on Bob Marshall (R-The government has every right to peep into your bedroom) This is what DelegateBob had to say about it,
"Homosexuals don't win in state legislatures. That's why they go around them," said Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), who asked McDonnell for the opinion.
Notice how he didn't go to a judge for the opinion, DelegateBob went to someone who would agree with him. Maybe Bob Marshall knows that proposing such a law would be struck down in court. He didn't go ask a judge for that opinion and he wouldn't have asked Creigh Deeds for it either.

So here we have two Republicans, one who barely won an election and one who had to fight to get re-elected, fighting for an issue that only a small minority people really care about. In the meantime, traffic gets worse, lines get longer at the DMV (and I really don't give a shit if the DMV clerk is gay as long as he or she is competent) and our schools (and I don't care if there are gay teachers, they are not pedophiles)need funding, gangbangers are tagging my favorite Korean restaurant and these two are worried about being able to fire someone for what they do in their private lives? Someone needs to get on the fucking clue train.


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