Sunday, February 26, 2006

So why are the Republicans Great at National Security Again?

Why is bin Ladin still alive? Didn't aWol promise to get him "dead or alive"? So why isn't he in rotting in a cell in Gitmo?
Indeed, in March 2002, just three months after the defeat of the Taliban, the United States began to withdraw its Special Forces, surveillance satellites and drones from Afghanistan to prepare for war in Iraq. Distracted by Baghdad, it did not notice what was happening in the tribal agencies. By the time the Pakistan army entered South Waziristan in March 2004, the extremists were so well entrenched that 250 Pakistani soldiers were killed in the first encounters.

If we spent half the time dedicated to getting rid of Saddam, OBL would've have been in custody by now.

I wonder in whose interest aWol is working for. He sells management of our ports to the UAE. And don't call me racist. This company is owned by the UAE royal family, members of which hanged out with OBL back in the day. If this was a private company with no connections with OBL or Hamas or Hezbollah or the IRA, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

I don't think aWol is working in our best interests.


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