Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hate resurgent

One of the places where I used to live, Lacey, Washington has seen attempts to recruit Neo-Nazis. What is disturbing, the Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater WA area is home to soldiers and airmen from Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB. At Ft. Lewis are two Stryker Brigades, a Special Forces Group and a Ranger Battalion. My questions are, have the Neo-Nazis studied the demographics of the area? And do they hope to find the next Tim McVeigh there? The majority of soldiers find Neo-Nazis abhorrent. Tim McVeigh was one out of a thousand. Yes, there is a very small minority of military personnel who would actually do something like actually join the Neo-Nazi movement.

I know Ft. Lewis took it seriously, at least six years ago they did. As a part of inprocessing, you were inspected for gang related (I'm including the Neo-Nazis) tattoos. There were also unfortunate incidents were soldiers were mistaken for skinheads. As a result, soldiers were not allowed to wear combat boots with civilian clothing.

Here in the other Washington, DC that is, "white rights" activists are dressing up and putting lipstick on their piggy faces. Some of their complaints were,
(David) Duke, who attended as a participant and was not a scheduled speaker, said during a break that whites are being "ethnically cleansed."
That's odd, I don't remember being dragged off to a rape camp after my husband and son were murdered in front of me. Those must have been some powerful drugs they've given me to not remember the trauma since I just yelled at my son to go get dressed. Since they don't believe the Holocaust happened, they have to bring out the Srebinica and Vukovar references which is appropriate because the Croats and Bosniaks were allied with the Axis powers during WWII.

Check out some of the participants who willing to be quoted by name in a major national newspaper.
Robert Baldacci, who works in manufacturing quality control in Roanoke, said that this was the first time he had participated in such a meeting but that he had long had a nagging sense that white people should do more to protect their interests as a group. (snip)
Conference participant Michael Regan, an assistant district attorney in New York's Allegany County, said U.S. policies on immigration, trade and "demographics" have put the country on the wrong path. "You can see European Christian Americans are an endangered species," he said, asserting that the accurate description of conference participants is "white preservationists" rather than "white supremacists."
(emphasis mine)
And racial profiling doesn't exist in law enforcement.

Here's the contact information for the District Attorney of Allegany County New York. You may want to ask him why he has a white supremacist working part-time for him.
TERRENCE M. PARKER, District Attorney
212-A County Office Building
7 Court Street
Belmont, NY 14813
585-268-9225 (office)

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