Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Back to the Bad Old Days

I am sick and tired of assholes like Governor Rounds thinking my uterus is their property. What part of "it's my body and I will evict any unwanted tenants whether it's fetal tissue or a cancerous tumor" do they not understand? So what's next? Outlawing the Pill? Great, let's create more unwanted pregnancies. Let's have women die from illegal abortions. Do these assholes think that by outlawing abortion, it will magically disappear? It works for marijuana, cocaine and heroin.
Don't tell me the choice is made when I have sex. Do you want to punish me because I engage in sexual activity that you don't approve of? Or are you afraid God will punish us for my sex life? I thought God gave up the collective punishment thing, besides, if everyone gets smited, wouldn't the righteous go to heaven and I go to Hell? So what are they afraid of? Let me tell you something, I AM NOT GIVING UP SEX FOR YOUR SICK DESIRE TO CONTROL MY BODY!!!

p.s. Trolls beware, don't comment on my blog about the babies. Abortion is a private decision that should be made by a woman and her doctor. When we have universal health coverage, a safety net for young families, homelessness is eliminated, and all the children in foster care are adopted than we can talk about abortion.


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