Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is this woman crazy?

Rusty Yates plans to get married on Saturday to Laura Arnold. Is she crazy? If she isn't now she will be when he's finished with her. Yes, I do believe that Rusty Yates drove his ex-wife to insanity and was culpable in the murder of his children. There was something really creepy about him. The man is a rocket scientist and he continues to impregnate a woman with a history of post-partum psychosis. He left his children alone with psychotic woman. Instead of sending his children to a public school in order to give his mentally ill wife a break, he insisted that she home school them. Rusty Yates introduced Andrea to a minister who believed that if a woman was going to hell, her children would too. On the day of Andrea's sentencing, he was on Larry King's show and the Today Show. He wasn't at the sentencing to support Andrea or to see justice done for his kids, he was preening on TV.
And Laura Arnold thinks this man is going to be a good husband and father? I would say his track record doesn't say so.


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