Sunday, March 12, 2006

Throw the anvil at them

Word of warning to the GOP, be careful what you wish for. Apparently, the national party is not very happy with the Republican controlled legislatures of South Dakota and Mississippi. Why? Because abortion is a good game to play with their evangelicanista base. The GOP denounces abortion and uses coded language about the Dred Scott SCOTUS decision to throw the evangelicanistas a bone. BTW, Dred Scott was not judicial activism because the 13th Amendment had not been added to the Constitution. But the evangelicanistas are so ignorant about the Constitution, it doesn't matter. Actually, the entire Constitution doesn't matter to the evangelicanistas because they really don't like the 1st Amendment or Article 6 either.

So now the majority of Americans are waking up to the fact the GOP is really out of touch with mainstream America and the GOP is scared. So do the Democrats take advantage of this and use the evangelicanistas as a wedge issue?
That does not mean, however, that Democrats are rushing to call attention to the Republicans' dilemma. In the upcoming midterm elections, the Democrats don't plan to spend a dime on ads highlighting the abortion issue, according to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the savvy Chicago pol who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He wouldn't spell out the reasons, but a top party staffer (who declined to be quoted out of deference to his bosses) told NEWSWEEK: "These guys are gun-shy because they're used to getting clobbered on the issue."

When 60% of Americans disapproved of the Federal Government's intervention in the Terri Schiavo case last year, with the war in Iraq becoming a bad flashback from the 1960's the GOP has lost touch with the majority of Americans. Now is the time to go on the attack and throw the anvil at the drowning GOP.


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