Saturday, May 27, 2006

Boo f*cking hoo

I think Tim Bono needs to re-read his Gospels. Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. (Nor did he say anything about abortion for that matter.) But Tim Bono (obiviously no relation to Chastity Bono) thinks that his religion justifies him being a bigot and he can deny customer service to someone. I have news for you Mr Bono, bigotry is not a good business plan. And bigotry does run counter to Christian values. See the Bible mentions homosexuality about three times, it addresses taking care of the poor more than a thousand times. Which do you think is God's higher priority?

But take a look at their client list. The company won't replicate film from a 36 year old gay pride parade but their client list includes KD Lang, Ralph Lauren, Elizabeth Taylor, Tommy Hilfiger, the Jimmy Carter Library, and MTV. All of whom, I'm sure would be thrilled to learn about the owner's little snit of bigotry against one person.


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