Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday night catblogging

Taken with a LG CU200 cell phone camera.
Last night when BooBoo and I got home, I opened the sliding glass door to let some fresh air into the apartment. A bird flew in without me noticing it. BooBoo runs into the living room as I'm checking my e-mail saying, "Lee caught a bird in your bedroom". Then the cat runs into the living room with an English sparrow in his mouth and drops it in the dining area. The bird is now lying on its side stunned and breathing heavily and is probably in shock. Boo wants to pick up the bird and set it free, I think the bird is going to die and I tell Boo that the best thing to do is to let the bird die and keep it away from the cat. Lee is now pacing around the bird waiting for it to die too. Now Boo is really upset and is crying about how the cat is working against mother nature. I tell Boo that cats do hunt small animals and sometimes eat them, so Lee is doing what he does best which is being a cat. Meanwhile, the cat is getting impatient and pounces on the dying bird. Somehow the bird escapes and flies into my bedroom again. All three of us run after the bird. Instead of flying into the mirror where the cat caught it, he flies into my bedroom window. The shocked and traumatized bird keeps flying into the glass. BooBoo is trying to coax the bird onto his finger so he can let it go out on the balcony, Lee is trying to catch the bird to play with it (to death), and I'm trying to get the screen out of the window so the bird can fly out. I pick up the cat and hand him to Boo and tell Boo to take the cat out of the bedroom and close the door. Now the cat is out of the way, I can get the bird out of the apartment. The bird is taking a "breather" while I get the screen out of the way so it can escape. I get the screen out of the window and shoo the bird out. It flies away, hopefully to die a peaceful death. I really do not think the bird would have lived much longer if it had not been freed.

I have not seen Lee catch anything since BooBoo was born. I didn't know my 11-year-old cat still had it in him to catch small animals. Especially something as agile as a bird. And he caught it without knocking anything off my dresser, impressive.


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