Saturday, May 20, 2006

So why the government spying on Michelle Malkin?

There has been a lot of furor over the intelligence community collecting information on US Persons, one controversery has been over the TALON reports. Believe it or not, TALONs are very boring. I use to read them on a daily basis, trust me, they are not worth the scandal. Most of the reports have to do with some poor schmuck getting lost on a military base. Or some idiot trying to get on a military base without the proper identification. The reports are pound-your-head-on-the-desk boring. Well, it turns out that Michelle Malkin got lost on Ft. Meade while visiting the National Cryptologic Museum. I've always wondered what you happen if someone treated her as she wants liberals, immigrants and Muslims to be treated. Apparently, she enjoys it. I wonder how she will feel when that report of her being pulled over by security at NSA turns up at an analyst's desk at CIFA or DHS. Michelle Malkin's family is from the Phillipines where there are two Islamist terrorist groups, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (google the acronym "MILF", I dare you) and the Abu Sayyaf Group. Is she really a batshit, crazy wingnut? Or is she really an operative for the MILF (get your mind out the gutter, not that kind of MILF) or Abu Sayyaf? Or is she a spy like Leandro Aragoncillo?

Think about it. The perfect cover for a spy would be a uber-patriotic, right-wing person, just like Robert Hanssen and Katrina Leung.
Hat tips to TBogg, Sailerfraud, The Liberal Avenger and Malkin(s)watch.


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