Saturday, May 27, 2006

Protect yourself

So the names and social security numbers of millions of veterans (including mine) were missing for 13 days before the Secretary of Veteran's Affairs was notified. And how much longer was it before the public knew? That's how I found out, I didn't get a letter or a phone call to notify me that my identity may have been compromised. Noooo, I had to find out Monday morning when the clock radio went off in the morning and the local NPR station told me. Now I find out that my information had been missing for at least two weeks. Geez, you can't trust this administation with anything.

If you are post Viet Nam War veteran, chances are your identity has been compromised. Eauifax has website set up to help vets protect themselves. Transunion has one as well. Just go to one of the three major credit reporting bureaus and get a fraud alert put on your credit report. You can also request a free credit report to verify that all the information on it is accurate.


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