Sunday, June 04, 2006

This is why I'm not a Republican

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

If you are a pro-choice woman who votes Republican you are so fucking wrong!!! Because of a campaign of misinformation and terror, women's reproductive choices are being limited. This woman went to three doctors and a midwife for a prescription that could have prevented her unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Not one of them had the balls to write her a prescription for Plan B. Congradulations to all the "culture of life" voters out there, you just created conditions for more abortions.

Don't give me that I'm not an one issue voter crap. AWol's wife and mother are pro-choice is a bunch of bullshit. Well guess what you voted for aWol and the other Republicans who do pander to these one issue voters. Their wives, daughters, and mothers are just a front to reassure you that they're not going to take your rights away while they actually do that. The GOP women aren't worried, if they need an abortion they can fly to Amsterdam for one (if it hasn't been flooded by global warming). So if you don't vote GOP on abortion, why do you vote for the GOP?
National Security? Last time I checked, Osama bin Ladin was still free to make tape recorded threats against us while we've lost 2400+ American soldiers chasing wild geese in Iraq. A war that was OBL's biggest propaganda victory. Yes, the GOP coddles terrorists, foreign and domestic.
The economy? Fiscal conservatism is a scam that only benefits the Paris Hiltons of the United States.
Global Warming is a myth? Go see this movie. It is a fact and so is evolution.
Which brings us to education. When conservatives say they need to cut the bureaucracy of the school system, they are talking about eliminating the librarian, the reading specialist, the school nurse, the music teacher, and the physical education teacher. All of whom are very important to a child's education. Yeah, I hated PE, but when childhood obesity is at epidemic levels, kids need exercise. And music!! I just found out my son can sing. He didn't inherit his parents' tone deafness. And don't get me started on the challenges to science in the classroom where IslamicChristian fundalmentalists want to teach your children conflicting myths over biology. Or when it comes to sex education that telling kids that abstinence is the only way to go. Conservatives live in a fantasy world where teenagers don't lie about sexual activity to their parents, teachers or peers. BTW, abstinence only sex ed only leads to more unplanned pregnancies and abortions, just like denying prescriptions for emergency contraceptives to desperate women who were playing by the rules.


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