Monday, August 07, 2006

Nothing is worth doing unless it is worth fighting for

The WaPo has a story about gays cutting and running from Virginia because of the Commonwealth's laws concerning gay couples and domestic partnerships. The article is vague, no specific numbers. It's just a bunch of hearsay that would not stand up in any academic paper or court of law. Currently, Virginia law does not recognize the rights of gay couples as far as joint ownership of property, parenthood, and medical decisions. There is also an amendment on the ballot to amend Virginia's constitution to make the anti-gay laws "constitutional". This law will also take away the rights of unmarried straight couples as well. It's nice to know what the priorities of our elected representatives are.

So gays living in Virginia are leaving. So how many gays are staying? And fighting? Do the gays who are leaving Virginia realize that their rights can be taken away from them just as easily in Maryland or Massachusetts? Why should gays have different rights in different states. We are seeing the re-institution of Jim Crow laws by sexual orientation, rather than race. Why are they letting the Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells and their bigoted followers chase them out the Commonwealth? By leaving, they are letting the bigots win. Just as the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's changed America's beliefs about race, a new Civil Rights movement about Gay rights will change America's beliefs about homosexuals. Virginians need to tell their neighbors that this is intolerable. Gays have a right to live in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Gays should have the right to marry and have families. And no one has come up with a valid reason how allowing gays to marry will destroy the institution of marriage. Do the bigots think that gays should marry straights? If you think the divorce rate among straight couples is bad, the divorce rate in mixed orientation marriages is about 66%.

Aha! I think I know how gays will destroy marriage. They will marry straight people and have emotionally and sexually unsatisfying marriages where only one partner really knows what is going on. I found another page of the "gay agenda to destroy marriage".


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