Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Your tax dollars at work

UPDATED: The Army has now distanced itself from the idea of a theme park. However, there are still plans for a museum and a hotel at the site. Civilians can still access the museum, but I do see the Department of Defense using the hotel and conference center for conferences. But if the Army did go through with theme park idea, it would have made for some interesting organization days for units in the military district of Washington.

Apparently, the Army is getting out of the war business and into the theme park business. Yes at a time when
adding what county officials call a military theme park arises as about 22,000 employees prepare to be transferred to Fort Belvoir in the next five years because of the federal base realignment and closure recommendations
is going to do so much to improve traffic in the area. I don't think a theme park is going to help real estate values in the area either, they are some of the lowest in Fairfax County now. Theme parks bring in low paying service jobs, not the high tech jobs offered by government contractors now. And who wants to live next to Disney world anyways?

I know the Army is having problems paying its bills and getting good employees, but I don't think a theme park is going to solve those problems. If you want to solve the Army's problems, get rid of the corrupt Republicans in Congress right now, then impeach the Chimperor and his henchman too.

UPDATED: Check out the cheese factor on the design. The museum is shaped like a Congressional Medal of Honor. Not that any of the chickenhawks who control all three branches of the government would know what a CMH is.

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