Saturday, October 28, 2006

Busy packing and moving.

O.K. I've been back from lovely Columbus, GA for a week. And no, I didn't get to see the AFLAC duck. I have been busy moving to my new house. I just closed on it yesterday. I will still be in Alexandria, not in Alexandria City but in Fairfax County. I bought a three bedroom, end-unit townhome for under $400K.

I would love to write about how Republicans (especially George Allen) have problems telling fact from fiction. But George Allen is an idiot. Ballot question one is stupid too. I'm so glad that is on the ballot instead of referendums about solving the traffic mess in NoVA.

I know Jim Webb's ex-wife is working to get him elected. So George, where's your ex-wife? Do you really want us to know about why you got divorced?

I would also like to blog about a wingnut who thinks that Baghdad is safer that Washington DC. So that's what's causing all the traffic jams in the DC Metro area. VBIEDs!!! Funny how the local, national and international news media hasn't caught on to it. Especially since they were all over the DC Sniper shootings.

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