Thursday, August 18, 2005

When are we going to learn?

When is the left going to learn that the right does not play by the same set of rules? We need to learn how to smear the right like they smear us. Everytime I hear someone say, "but I don't want to stoop that low" I want to scream. That strategy has worked so effectively in 1980, 1988, 2000 and 2004 We need to fight back and hard, not just with facts, but twist the right's words and throw them back in their face.

A few days ago Senator George Allen (R-W. wannabe) was talking about the need to eliminate the "death" tax. This is a tax that the heirs of rich people pay upon receiving an inheritance. Because god forbid, people who inherit money should have to get a job! Besides, I didn't know that dead people cared so much about taxes. George Allen must be psychic like Michelle Malkin.

Isn't it amazing the right wing knows exactly what God wants us to do? It must be the communion wine, they're drinking too much of it. Like Rick Santorum (R-life in the 1950's) who believes that the world would be a much better place if women weren't so uppity. Of course women need to remain silent, the Bible says so. Homosexuals shouldn't get married, look at what happened to Sodom and Gamorrah - the Bible doesn't specifically say why S&G was so wicked. Lott was not a righteous man Bible thumpers think he was, he pimped his daughters and screwed them while he was drunk. I guess the Bible justifies child abuse as well.

As a liberal, do I want to take Bibles away from Christians? No, I have three of my own that I read.


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