Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cast your vote!

My MapChangers


TX-Sen Barbara Radnofsky

Because Texas needs to turn blue

TX-Gov Chris Bell

We need a blue Texas

CA-04 Charlie Brown

Let's make this Charlie Brown a winner!

NV-Sen Jack Carter

MN-02 Coleen Rowley

Because she blew the whistle on the FBI's imcompetence on 9/11


VA-Sen James Webb

Do you really want George Allen to have a shot at the presidency? Do you really trust your rights to another Supreme Court Justice appointed by W?

VA-11 Andrew Hurst

Because his district in Northern Virginia really should have a Democrat representing it.

VA-05 Al Weed

Turn Virginia blue!

PA-06 Lois Murphy

Because Atrios says so.

RI-Sen Sheldon Whitehouse

The Supreme Court is at stake.

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