Friday, June 23, 2006


On his visit to Hungary, President Bush praised the Hungarians for resisting a foreign occupier. How stupid is this man? He suffers from a total lack of self awareness. He must be wearing cognitive dissonance goggles with lenses as thick as the polar ice caps.
The president sought to draw parallels between Hungary's transition from dictatorship to democracy and the U.S. enterprise in Iraq, where the administration is struggling to help launch a democratically elected government.

Here's the difference between Hungary's transition to democracy and Iraq - the Democratic Evolution was the result of internal changes in Hungarian society. Democracy was not forced upon Hungary the way the United States is trying to fit the model of Western Democracy upon Iraq. The Soviet Union invaded Hungary because it wanted to impose its vision of a communist government upon the Hungarians. Can you see the similarities? Bigger more powerful state wants to impose its view of the world on a smaller weaker state. However, I do have to admit the Soviet Union was more successful at stablizing Hungary then the United States is at stabilizing Iraq.

Let's see. We have a government dominated by one political party, with the goal of a "permenent Republican majority". Anyone who dissents is immediately smeared and threatened with the loss of income. And our government invades countries based on lies. WE WON THE COLD WAR TO BECOME TO SOVIET UNION??? wtf?

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