Saturday, July 01, 2006

Questions for Senator Allen

Hat tips to Operation Yellow Elephant and The News Blog.

I have seen the recent George Felix Allen commercials where he brags about his youngest child getting ready to go to college. Why aren't any of George Allen's children serving in the military? After all, Felix feels free to criticize Jim Webb's patriotism because Jim Webb thinks the Flag Protection Amendment is a really, bad idea. Do you know why the FPA is a bad idea? Because, the next time aWol signs an American flag, he opens himself to impeachment for a high crime and misdemeanor. Would the Republican controlled House be willing to indict aWol for signing an American flag? Could the Republican controlled Senate finally have the cojones to convict him? Or would the Republican controlled Congress let him get away with it? Now do you see what a bad idea the Flag Protection Amendment is?

So anyhow, Jim Webb's son is getting ready to go to Iraq. Why aren't Senator Allen's?


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