Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror plot thwarted, I just shit my pants!!

This is not the proper response to a foiled terrorist attack.

24 terrorists are arrested for plotting to blow up passenger airplanes over the Atlantic Ocean. Because the suspects alledgely were going to use liquid explosives, you have to check you personal hygiene supplies. No electronic gadgets or bringing your own drinks on the plane either. And no mascara for you either!! All that you can bring with you on the plane is your medicine and baby formula. Nothing like being on a long international flight with nothing to do and free alcohol. Flight attendants just love bored, scared, and drunk passengers.

Of course you can always bring your nail clippers, box cutters and Swiss army knives. Those haven't been banned again, yet. Good thing flight school dropouts aren't allowed to fly anymore.

This plot is similar to a plot planned by Ramzi Youssef ten years ago. That plot was foiled, yet we didn't go into panic mode. I wonder why? MAYBE BECAUSE THE FUCKING PLOT WAS THWARTED and THERE WAS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF!!! We knew that terrorists have been wanting to blow up planes using any means possible. So now, another plot has been discovered and the British and American governments go into full panic mode. Terrorists don't need to actually attack a target. They just have to think about it and they achieve the same effect which is to terrorize us.

By the way, Scotland Yard did a great job. They deserve praise for a job well done and understanding how counterterrorism actually works.

We now return to our continuing coverage of missing white women.


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